Traditionally the Gawn, like many ancient people in our world, record time by the year of the king’s reign: “The fifth year in the reign of King Gered the Bald,” for example. Some Gawn still follow this convention, and since King Alaric the Great is still king (in theory) they measure time by how many years since Alaric took the throne. It is Year 98 by that reckoning. Other cultures have other dating systems; for example, the Elves count the number of years since the (supposed) creation of the universe.

Elven Gawn Events
4793 1 Alaric takes the throne as a boy, with his uncle as regent
4804 12 King Fergand brokers peace among the among other rulers
4808 16 Sorada brought to King Fergand
4811 19 Sorada abducted by Nularn; Fergand appeals to the other kings
4816 24 Maclyr finds the garden of Ydos
4817 25 Alaric’s armies reach Ydos

The Storm of the Cloudless Sky is seen across the world

4818 26 Mordan falls; Fergand and Sorada die; the Darkness begins
4819 27 Cadwr kills Alaric and the twins; Queen Lwnel flees; Cadwr’s armies destroyed by Rhain in the Battle of Durid Pass
4822 30 Telyn steals the eye of the demon Ravun, delivers it to Maclyr; Maclyr, Mordac and Gwyon battle the dragon Asestet; the Darkness ends
4825 33 Gwyon’s armies take Carodd, slay Cadwr
4828 36 Gwyon takes Gyred; King Hilred flees
4829 37 Building of the Crypt of the Ascended begins
4836 44 The Annals of Gwyon completed
4843 51 Gwyon dies; his brother Anwan becomes Lord Protector; Cadwr’s son Burthen attempts to seize throne
4846 54 Guardian Anwan dies; his son Tarrant becomes Lord Protector; Tarrant’s younger brothers murdered
4851 59 Tarrant assassinated; his wife Gwydel serves in the name of infant son Fergand
4855 63 Gwydel forced to abdicate after ducal revolt; Cynan becomes Lord Protector
4861 69 Cynan dies; his son Rhane becomes Lord Protector
4866 74 Gyred sacked by Naxian raiders, driven off
4873 81 Rhane killed fighting Tavakians; brother Gyrwyn regent for son Dyredd
4875 83 Naxian raiders again sack Gyred; Gyrwyn pays tribute
4884 92 Dyredd invested as Lord Protector
4889 97 Campaign starts
4890 98 Present day


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