The Jeraldic Period

Twelve hundred years ago the Gawn were a barbaric tribe, known at the time as the Geran, who lived in the hilly region north of the Karim river. After a raid on the towns to the south, the Jeraldic Emperor Meraz II conquered and enslaved them. However, impressed with their fighting prowess, he enlisted their men folk in his army. His son Meraz III moved the Geran to the capital after an aristocratic uprising, where they served as the Emperor’s personal guard.

Years later, the gods gave a Waldai man named Dalmon the right to rule the world. He quickly offended the gods, who took his life, but Dalmon’s daughters ruled in his name. One daughter, Luku, sailed to Kast, the Jeraldic capital, and the Geranese General Roshan came to greet her. Luku instantly persuaded him to murder the Emperor, Xenon III. Roshan’s armies marched, with Luku in tow, and murdered the shocked Xenon as he sat on his throne.

Roshan ruled the Empire as a satrap of the Waldai Queens. Now the Jeraldic Emperors were considered children of the moon god Ilron. Roshan expelled Ilron’s priests from the capital and the Waldai god Orlu was elevated in Ilron’s place. The Geran were enthusiastic converts to the new cult, and many of their old gods, condemned by the new order, fell into disfavor.

Xenon’s five sons eventually avenged their father, and killed Dalmon’s four daughters with the Arrows of Striking, which they won from the god Ules. Roshan was murdered, and the Geran fled for their lives from the capital. Most seized Waldai ships and followed their leaders to the island of Xos, where they conquered a large section of the island.

However, evil times followed the murder of Dalmon’s daughters. By killing them, the Jeraldics had defied the gods, who destroyed Kast in the Rain of Ash. Jeraldic settlers fled to Xos, seeking refuge from that disaster. They helped the natives expel the Geran from their fortresses, and the Geran escaped to the wild lands of the north.

These lands were not completely empty; there were primitive natives as well as the Berkun, settlers from Xos in ancient times. The Geran (now the Gawn) fought many battles against these people. It was around this time that Ylwen began to preach of a new order, of being just and peaceful and loyal to God, and led a settlement far into the wilderness. Most of the Gawn we know today are descendants of her followers, and her burial place in Carodd became a shrine soon after her death.

The Jeraldic Period

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