Slavery in the Awrgawn Empire

Slavery existed in the Five Kingdoms (see Historical Periods), but the Darkness and the events that followed fatally undermined the institution. It no longer exists under the Dominion.

Many slaves escaped their masters during the Darkness, while others were freed by masters who could no longer support them. When the Darkness ended, Gwyon the Great fought to unite the five kingdoms under the Empire. He could have enslaved prisoners of war, as was the law at the time, but instead he declared it illegal to enslave “people of the faith.” Prisoners were brought before priests, and if they professed their loyalty and faith to the Syawar, and accepted baptism into the Church, they were (eventually) released. Some were even given land in the royal domains.

Today, the Awrgawn Empire continues to fight wars and pick up prisoners. These captives are presented with the same choice that Gwyon gave his enemies, and many chose to convert. Those who do, typically, are sent off to a five-year period of domestic service, performing chores for bishops or monastic leaders. A few hard-cases refuse, and they tend to languish in dungeons and prison camps until they die of hunger or exposure. The old slave markets collapsed long ago, and no one thinks of selling off captives anymore.

Note that most of the world still practices slavery in one form or another, just as our own world did before the Enlightenment. The Awrgawn Empire is unusually progressive in this regard.

Slavery in the Awrgawn Empire

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