Religious Festivals

New Year (Enad 1-15): The Gawn believe the first 15 days of the year are particularly auspicious. They observe a plethora of taboos through the period to ensure good luck in the upcoming year. Special prayers are held each evening for the same purpose.

Spring Equinox (Enad 16): Celebrants say goodbye to winter in a feast, where they eat white cakes in the form of the Winter Spirit.

Lamentations (Cran 8-Sandd 1): This begins a 4-week (20-day) commemoration, ending on the first day of Sandd. Torches are lit and immediately extinguished in a sacred font or fountain, symbolizing the Darkness which began on this day, as prayers are held for four Syawar who died during this time. On the last day water from the font is sprayed upon the crops, in hopes that they will grow again.

Fall Equinox (Daran 2): The major feast day of the year. Celebrants eat rosewater-flavored cakes, saying goodbye to the warm days.

Lantern Day (Gwln 1): Lanterns are hung, and races are held, celebrating Telyn’s theft of the Third Eye of Ravun.

Bright Sky Day (Gwln 26): Celebrating the anniversary of the end of the Darkness. Celebrants fly white kites and wave white flags the night before, symbolizing the stars in the sky as seen when the smoke cleared.

Sacred Month (Gord 1-26): The month of Gord lies between Bright Sky Day and Dominion Day, and is considered the most sacred month of the year. Celebrants observe sunset-to-sunrise fasting (some even observe vows of silence during that time); prayers and feasting follow in the evening.

Dominion Day (1 Cumach): The most important religious holiday of the year, commemorating Maclyr’s defeat of the dragon Asestet and Venard’s declaration of eternal dominion over the land. Worshippers make oaths of fealty to the Syawar, equivalent to our New Year’s resolutions but with greater religious significance. People make these pledges in public; gift giving often accompanies these declarations, as “I pledge help to my family” (“family” often including dear friends) is a common promise.

Religious Festivals

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