Jeraldic Empire

The lands now known as Jerald have been inhabited for millennia. It is the ancient homeland for almost all people of the north — Xosian, Gawn, Malarian, Naxtian and Showaldic — as well as the barbarians to the West.

The land’s current inhabitants, however, are of a different origin. Tribesmen from the arid lands of the South, they invaded the lands of the Old Empire, which had been reduced to petty chiefdoms after the Rain of Ash and Flame. Under the leadership of their legendary chieftain, Roa “the Thunderbolt,” they massacred and enslaved thousands of the Old Jeraldic people. Most of the rest fled north to Xos and the surrounding lands.

Roa’s empire quickly disintegrated into a patchwork of minor principalities. There were 400 years of chaos until Banor the Great reestablished central control. His Karimite Dynasty ruled for 457 years, until it was overthrown by Namoz the Mighty, 46 years before King Alaric took the Awrgawn throne. Namoz deliberately wrapped himself in the trappings of the Old Jeraldic Empire, which is why it is called the New Empire today, despite the fact that its language and people bear little resemblance to its predecessor.

The ancient Jeraldic Sultanate is no longer much of a conquering “empire.” It is, however, a center of trade and learning, still manufacturing the worlds best silk, the palace patronizing the greatest philosophers of the age.

Jeraldic Empire

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