Dwarves have the same statistics as in other games, but their appearance and their personalities are a little different. They look a bit like the Dranaei in World of Warcraft, with cloven hooves, tails, and small horns, although they’re stockier, hairier, and tend towards white and grey coloring. (They don’t have tentacles, either.) The Gawn call them Hargodd, goat-men, and while the Montadil bristle at the epithet it fits them fairly well.

Most Mondadil live in the Barghest Mountains to the north and northeast. Unlike dwarves in most worlds, they tend to be shy and reserved, even among their own kind. Male Mondadil generally live alone, while the women (who are rarely seen by outsiders) dwell deep under the earth, in vast cavernous “cities,” with the elder males of their race.

While men and Mondadil generally avoided each other, the great hero Rhain befriended the dwarves as he fled the forces of Asestet during the dark times. A few joined Gwyon as he returned to Carodd and helped him build the Tomb of the Ascended at the center of the city.

The Mondadil say they were created by a god named Amoa, but they do not “worship” him the way that humans do. Their clerics are merely “those who know the ways of Amoa,” and it is usually a part-time profession.

Dwarven names, in this setting, are a little odd. They sound a bit like Maori, although with voiced rather than unvoiced stops; change P, T and K to B, D and G, respectively. Mondadil sounds like a deep, low-pitched mumble to untrained human ears, and the names you create can reflect that.


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