Age of Settlement

The lands that eventually became the Awrgawn Empire were settled in several waves. First, in the mists of prehistory, the continent was discovered by aboriginal peoples related to the Iyanese and the Halflings. They have left almost no trace today.

The people of Burgund began settling the southern areas in the Bronze Age, starting about 1300 years ago. Two hundred years later the Gerun, or Gawn, invaded their territory and were driven north, as the Age of Settlement began.

The next wave followed the founding of the first Malarian Principalities. The Malarians settled Urundal, as well as islands to the north, and founded the city of Gyred to trade with the petty Gawn “kings” of the interior.

Finally, about 800 years ago, the Naxtian adventurer Cadla the Silver-Haired conquered large territory in the north, building a fortress that grew to become the city of Mordan.

Cadla’s realm became the third of the Five Kingdoms, Urundal and Burgund being the second and first. Soon afterward the commercial republic of Gyred fell to the burgeoning Duchy, then Kingdom, of Norand. Three decades later, Duke Dyglan of Llanel conquered the Earl of Carodd and was crowned the first King of the United Gawn (or Awrgawn in their language). The Age of Settlement ended and the Age of The Five Kingdoms began, 616 years before Alaric was crowned in Carodd.

Age of Settlement

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