Dominion of the Dead

Adventures Abroad

The PCs traveled to the pirate island of Naxt and defeated Chief Grond, receiving a boon from a strange female figure as a reward. Then, after dealing with a murder and schism in Carodd, they took a ship to the Jeraldic Empire, meeting missionaries from other lands before leaving the capital of Sharza to loot the ruins of Kast. They defeated angels guarding the site, and encountered a lost civilization in the ruins, before battling the guardians of the tomb of the Jeraldic kings. As they took the Mantle of Aldus, however, another mysterious figure emerged and cursed the PCs to the underworld.

In the underworld the PCs learned about Blink‘s past, and some secret history of the Korde, before reaching the World Tree. They fought their way through the Four Houses, and were teleported to a gate that only Blink could open, picking up the strange treasures beyond it. When they tried to return to Carodd they were teleported again, first to the far North and then to Qutu’s home kingdom of Bukaika. After meeting Qutu’s brothers they were finally allowed to return home.

War for the Kingdom

During these adventures the PCs won control over the Awrgawn Empire. First Brigid proved her lineage in the Tomb of the Syawar. Then they traveled East, protecting a fortress against legions of Tavakians. Then they launched an expedition into the Feywild, meeting its guardian, Sarman, and learning a bit of history about the Tomb. When they returned to Carodd they heard that Lord Protector Dyredd was about to attack the Duke of Teir and seize his lands. The PCs responded with a coup d’etat in Carodd, putting Brigid and Fergand II on the throne. Hiring mercenaries, they then battled Dyredd’s forces, annihilating them and securing the Kingdom for their new patrons.

Into the Mountains

The second arc of the campaign began with Fergand on the lam, and Lord Protector Dyredd sending the PCs on another mission, to accompany the Dwarf child Manoa to his home in the Bargest Mountains. There they were to recover the Sword of Maclyr the Dragonslayer.

During their trip, Our Heroes fought trolls, goblins and Oni; killed a descendant of the dragon who had slain the mighty Archer Rhain; and defeated the Gnome King of the mountains. Finally they came to the great Cities of the Dwarves, and upon recovering Macylr’s Sword, Brigid revealed that it was her birthright, for she was a descendant of the Dragonslayer and his elven bride.

The Pilgrimage

The campaign started with a party of pilgrims, traveling from Gyred to Carodd. Along the way they rescued a Dwarf child with a secret diary; fought harpies in a corrupt city; discovered the Secret of the Gnomes; defeated the Wild Hunt of Chillwind Forest; and met a pretender to the throne. The last session of the arc saw Qutu joining the Order of the Four Corners, Gwydion taking a university position, Ediya becoming the Royal Druid and Fergand making a public declaration of his heritage.


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