A short, ill-tempered sorceror with a hair trigger.


Blink is a short (5’1”), obnoxious human with a high opinion of himself and a rather low opinion of other people. He has almost-white blond hair which is cut extremely close, and an unusually fair complexion. His obstreperous nature and prominent lisp have driven away friends and family alike, and he usually travels alone.

He has significant arcane gifts that he’s developed over the course of many years of practice, and he’s not particularly shy about using them. Blink is secretly uneasy that the (as yet) unknown power is so available to him; he’s half-expecting the power to be yanked out from under his feet. To prevent this, he’s dedicated himself to delving into unknown arcana and researching forgotten tomes to the best of his ability.

The recent encounter with an obviously extraplanar creature has unnerved him somewhat, even though he’d never betray such a thing to anyone else.

Blink is traveling with the others to both satisfy his curiosity and act on a hunch that riches and prestige will be following in their path sometime soon.


Dominion of the Dead peacewood