Barely-civilized, fully-evangelized Knight of the Four Corners.


For generations, Qutu’s people have worshiped various spirits and entities. When Qutu was barely grown, a strange man came to their encampment, and spoke of great heroes, the monsters they vanquished, and the gods they served. Some of the clan listened at first, but when the stranger claimed that the gods and spirits that they had worshiped were the very monsters the heroes fought against, most turned against him.

Qutu did not, impressed and somehow touched by the stranger’s tales. In time he came to believe him, and turned from the ancestral ways of his people to the worship of the Siawar. Shunned by his family and clan, Qutu undertook a journey to the holy city of the Syawar, where, though warily, he was welcomed, and set to aid a party of pilgrims on their long journey.

On this pilgrimage, Qutu found his fervor deepening. At first, he abandoned all that he had taken with him when he had left home, abandoning himself to the beneficence of the Gods and the Syawar, and when, at the end of the pilgrimage, he was offered the oaths of the Paladin, he eagerly took them up.

He now burns with two twin desires—to return to his homelands and bring them to the light of the Syawar, and then to return with a thousand mighty warriors, all burning with the passion and devotion of the newly-converted. Inspired by the legend of the righteous wolf, he now believes it his destiny to not only converted his own people, but to then lead them back to set Brigid upon the throne.


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