Dominion of the Dead

Adventures Abroad

The PCs traveled to the pirate island of Naxt and defeated Chief Grond, receiving a boon from a strange female figure as a reward. Then, after dealing with a murder and schism in Carodd, they took a ship to the Jeraldic Empire, meeting missionaries from other lands before leaving the capital of Sharza to loot the ruins of Kast. They defeated angels guarding the site, and encountered a lost civilization in the ruins, before battling the guardians of the tomb of the Jeraldic kings. As they took the Mantle of Aldus, however, another mysterious figure emerged and cursed the PCs to the underworld.

In the underworld the PCs learned about Blink‘s past, and some secret history of the Korde, before reaching the World Tree. They fought their way through the Four Houses, and were teleported to a gate that only Blink could open, picking up the strange treasures beyond it. When they tried to return to Carodd they were teleported again, first to the far North and then to Qutu’s home kingdom of Bukaika. After meeting Qutu’s brothers they were finally allowed to return home.



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