You live in a land obsessed with the heroes of yesteryear, heroes who saved the world from the Darkness.

You probably grew up hearing their stories. You heard the story of King Alaric, who ventured to Heaven itself to help his friend, wise old Fergand. You were told how Alaric was killed by his treacherous brother Cadwr. How darkness then descended upon the land, and of the hunger and cold that followed. You learned how Alaric’s knights perished fighting the forces of darkness, until Maclyr, Alaric’s champion, slew the dragon Asestec. Maclyr, too, perished on that day, but his heroic sacrifice put an end to the endless night.

You heard how God, Athund, was so grateful for their heroic deeds that he granted them eternal dominion over the lands of the Gawn. After decades of struggle, Athund’s gift has finally been taken. One steward rules over the Empire of Awrgawn, in the name of King Alaric. One church, the Church of the Ascended, caters to its people. The Ascended Ones, the great heroes of yesteryear, sleep in the Silent City of Carodd, ready to rise again when the land needs them.

Dominion of the Dead

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